ACTIVATOR™ Program Course


Thank you for taking the ACTIVATOR™ Program Course.  My name is Mandy Shintani, I am an occupational therapist by background and developer of the patented ACTIVATOR™ Poles.  I will be your presenter.  There are 4 main objectives you will achieve by completing this course.

  1. Gain knowledge about the benefits and research of the 8 current/recent pilot studies on ACTIVATOR™ Poles  and Nordic walking poles for rehabilitation.
  2. Become skilled in teaching the ACTIVATOR™ & Urban Poling/Nordic walking technique.
  3. Gain competency in using poles for seated, standing & pre-gait exercises as well as specific conditions.
  4. Learn about guidelines to safety and effectively structure group exercise programs using poles.

The course has been divided into 8 sections and will take approximately 2 to 4 hours to complete.  You can stop the course at any point and resume at a later time and re-watch any of the sections.  You will need your ACTIVATOR™ Poles to practice during the sections on adjusting, technique and exercises.   Your manual should be open to easily access or it may be easier to print your manual (see ACTIVATOR™ Course Manual button below)

At the start of each section there are 3 questions.  Write down your answers while listening to the videos and reviewing your manual to help you apply the content to your practice sessions and to prepare for the quiz.

At end of each section, there is a section of recommended reading in the manual.  After successfully completing the quiz, you will receive a email which has a link to download your certificate of completion.  Thank you for taking the ACTIVATOR™ Program Course and we would greatly appreciate your feedback on this course (see Survey button below)!


Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Research
Section 3: ACTIVATOR Poles
Section 4: ACTIVATOR Technique
Section 5: ACTIVATOR Exercises
Section 6: Urban Poling
Section 7a: Specific Conditions
Section 7b: Specific Conditions – Extra Content
Section 8: Manual Review
ACTIVATOR Course Manual
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Bonus: BeBalanced Course


Winter Poling

When walking on snow covered surfaces, remove the rubber tips to expose the carbide tip which will provide better traction.  Add snow baskets to prevent the poles from sinking deep into the snow.
– Mandy Shintani, OT


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