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Activator Program


Performance Guarantee

We stand behind the products and service we provide.  We guarantee that if any of our equipment and/or its components and moving parts fail due to defects in workmanship or materials, within two full years from the date of purchase, we will repair or replace all parts found defective without cost. Note damage caused by negligence or improper use of our poles including but not limited to adjusting them with a tool such as wrench or pliers will void the warranty.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All Urban Poles come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason (or for no reason at all) simply request a refund authorization, return your unused poles to us and we’ll issue a complete refund on your purchase.

The Activator Poles are revolutionizing fitness and rehabilitation for individuals with chronic conditions, those recovering from injuries as well as older adults who require more stability and balance when walking. Designed by a Canadian therapist, there are 8 unique features to increase stability and effectiveness.

Walking with the Activator poles also reduces impact on your knee joints, improves core strengthening, improves posture and helps to promote a functional gait pattern.There are over 58 research studies on the benefits of walking poles. A recent study by Professor Gregg Afman found that using walking poles increased stability, balance and posture.

The Activator poles maybe right  for you if you have any of the  following conditions:

pre/post hip or knee surgery mild Parkinson’s, MS
work related injuries mild stroke
osteoarthritis, osteoporosis cardiac rehab
breast cancer rehab gait retraining
less active older adults return to work programs
obesity group exercise programs


Ask your physician or rehabilitation specialist if the Activator poles are appropriate for you.

You can feel confident using the Activator Poles and technique because they were designed by a Canadian occupational therapist with input from a team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and kinesiologists.  The technique was also developed to increase stability while still providing a full body workout.

Does health care services or insurance pay for the Activator?

Ask your physiotherapist or doctor about how the Activators poles can be eligible for financial assistance as a  medical expense paid by Third Party Funding services.

- Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)  – POC 1 – Aids for Daily Living
- Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
- WorkSafe BC, WSIB
- Private Insurance -  Extended Health Benefits
- Automobile Accident Insurance


The Activator poles may be suitable for:

- Rehabilitation
- Older adults who want more stability and balance
- Increased weight bearing

If you have a chronic condition or injury, first ask your physician, therapist or treating rehabilitation specialist, if the Activator poles are suitable for you.

Benefits from Walking with the Activator:

- Effective gait retraining tool for the purpose of rehabilitation.
- Exercises the upper body as well as the legs.
- Improves posture.
- Reduces stress on hips and knee joints.
- Increases stability and balance.
- Increases cardiovascular and calorie expenditure compared to regular walking.
- Eases hill climbing and allows user to walk for longer distances with greater speed.

Activator (Health and Wellness) - Mobility poles


Package Includes:
- 1 pair (2 poles) of  telescoping poles
- 1 pair Bell Tips
- 1 travel clip to hold poles together
- Carbide Metal Tip
- Premium Button Lock
- Plus User Guide

Retail Price: $99.99 

Activator poles – Maroon & Silver

Retail Price:  $99.99

Benefits and limitations of the Activator poles compared to canes (based on research or clinical observations).

Activator Walking Poles


  • Bilateral support
  • Unilateral support
  • Improves posture (research)
  • Can promote leaning to the one side
  • Additional weight bearing and stability capability
  • N/A
  • Weight bearing occurs through the wrist in a functional position
  • Weight bearing occurs through the wrist in a flexed position
  • Improves core strengthening and caloric intake (research)
  •  N/A

Features of the Activator walking poles as a walking device compared to other fitness walking poles.

Other walking poles on the market have a different design and technique that were developed for outdoor fitness.

Activator Walking Poles

Nordic Walking/Fitness Walking Poles

  • Strapless handle system.  Walking poles are safe but injuries may related to the strap
  • All walking poles for fitness with the exception of the Urban Poling/Nordic walking poles come with a strap
  • Ergonomic handle-weight bearing occurs though the base of the handle with the wrist in a functional position
  • Most walking poles have a thin handle and force is placed on the strap with the wrist in flexion
  • Button lock system
  • Turning lock system which can be difficult to secure for those with arthritis in their hands
  • Bell shape tip for more stability and balance
  • Boot shape tip that propels user forward to increase walking speed
  • 3 features to reduce vibration
  • Some poles have vibration reducing features.
  • Technique designed to increase stability and balance.  Less exertion is required compared to Nordic walking technique or fitness walking
  • To be used in conjunction with the Nordic walking/fitness techniques

When Do you Refer your Client the Activator vs Urban poling poles.


Series 300/4Life or Adventure

  • Will be using the poles for weight bearing
  • Active Adult
  • Using the poles for stability and balance
  • Short term injury or rehab
  • Limited hand grip due to arthritis or RSI
  • Obesity effecting walking ability


The Basic Activator Technique

The Activator technique is easier to learn and increases stability and balance compared to the Urban Poling/Nordic walking technique.

See criteria for conditions in which individuals should be trained under the direction of a physician and/or trained rehabilitation professional.

To download the full Activator Pamphlet click here

Step 1

Ensure that you use the correct right and left pole as indicated on the top of the handle.
Step 2
Stand tall, keeping your elbows at a 90° angle. Ensure your poles are always verical. Keep your elbows bent the entire time you are walking.
Step 3
Walk forward with the poles in the same manner as you walk: Put your left leg and right arm forward, then vice versa. Do not keep your arms static; move your arms (with a bent elbow) forward and backward.
Step 4

Don’t grip the handle tightly. Push down on the base of the handle to increase your stability and balance.

See Criteria for conditions which require the direction of a medical professional or therapists.

The Urban Poling Rehabilitation & Wellness Course provides in-depth training to therapists, fitness trainers and health care professionals and teaches them how to use the Activator poles as an effective tool for rehabilitation with those individuals with chronic conditions and recovering from injuries and for older adults who require more stability and balance. The course covers an overview of the research and assessment tools followed by practical sessions that teach the basic Activator technique, balance and strength exercises with the Activator poles and modified techniques for clients with chronic conditions and less active older adults. 

The Activator Two Piece Shaft

The Activator telescoping pole is made of aircraft-grade  aluminum alloy.  The telescoping pole can be adjusted for people of all heights between 4’2” and 6’2”.

Appropriate length of the poles can be determined and adjusted by an individual or the health care professional

Button-lock System

The poles are designed with a button-lock system to increase safety by eliminating the concern of the pole collapsing due to insufficient tightening of the locking mechanism. The button-lock system also allows the health care professional to determine the appropriate length of the poles.

The Activator Grip

The ergonomically patented grip fits the hand like no other grip you’ll find, while providing unparalleled comfort. The wide shape of the handle is perfect for those individuals with arthritis or those at risk for repetitive strain injuries. The technique is based on placing resistance on the base of the handle — our handle is never meant to be gripped tightly.

The Activator Bell Shaped Tip

The bell shaped tip provides greater stability and weight bearing than the traditional Nordic walking boot tip. In addition, if the user removes the bell shaped tip, the carbide steel tip can provide more stability in winter conditions on sidewalks and roads.

The Activator is designed for minimal vibration. The bell shaped tip, black ferrule and grip are designed to absorb the shock while walking both indoors and on asphalt.

These poles qualify for a 2 year warranty and a 60 day full satisfaction money-back guarantee.


You can also order the Activator poles by phone by calling us toll free at 1 877.499.7999.

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