“Use 90% of Your Muscles & Burn Up to 46% More Calories With Urban Poles (Compared to Walking Without Poles) While Lowering Impact on Your Knees & Hips!”

It’s true!  Urban Poling has been scientifically proven to help you burn more calories ~ 20 – 46% more, in fact ~ than regular walking.  That’s because when you walk with poles, you automatically engage muscles from your belly button on up… muscles not normally engaged when you walk.

Also, when you walk using the “Rutlin Technique” combined with our patented, ergonomically designed grips, you’ll improve your posture while reducing the impact on your lower joints.  This means less knee and hip pain while walking!

But don’t think that Urban Poling is reserved only for those who are in pain or out of shape.  Urban Poles have been used to complete marathons, have been to Everest Basecamp as well as to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa!

That’s because Urban Poles give you a complete, full-body workout, including:

  • 1800 abdominal contractions (or “crunches”) per mile walked
  • 900 lateral muscle contractions (upper back)
  • Tricep & deltoid (shoulder) resistance training
  • Up to 20% more oxygenation of your blood
All scientifically proven by our independent, evidence-based research! (Open in a new window)

So whether you’re already in great shape and want to take your walking workouts to the next level or if you’ve been inactive for a prolonged period of time and are looking for a great way to jump-start your health & fitness, Urban Poling is the perfect exercise for you!

#{Nordic Walking Windsor accessories|accessories for Nordic Walking Windsor

High Quality, Ergonomic Design.

High-quality matters and our poles are the very best.  Made from airplane grade aluminum and the highest quality rubber, you’ll love our extremely long lasting, quieter and vibration-free poles.

Not only that, but our poles include the ONLY handle on the market that’s ergonomically designed!

Like any kind of fitness activity, top quality gear can make a difference to your safety, comfort and performance.

Our ergonomic handles effectively target the core muscles and absorb shock and vibrations when poling on urban surfaces.

Additionally we provide you with the only strapless handle (to lower the potential risk of wrist and thumb injuries and optimize comfort).

Our strapless handle prevents injury to the wrist and thumb in the event of a fall, effectively removing the risk of “skier’s thumb” (a common side-effect of falling with poles that rely on straps).

As well, your wrist is not subject to repetitive strain through constant flexion and contraction as is the case with a strapped handle design.  Instead, your wrist maintains the same position throughout the swing, allowing you to propel yourself forward with as much (or as little) downward pressure you like.

Poles Designed Perfectly For All Needs!

Series 300
4Life Pink
Activator Professional
Adventure - Nordic walking poles Series 300 - Nordic walking poles 4Life Pink - Nordic walking Poles Activtor - Nordic Walking poles
Overview Adventure poles equipped to take you where you want to go, regardless of the terrain or season A great starter pole used by thousands of people in nordic walking classes all across Canada Same as the Series 300 (except colour) but with 2% of the purchase price donated to breast cancer research Designed for rehabilitation and older adults who need more stability, balance and confidence while walking
Price $119.99 $99.99 $99.99 $99.99
Donation 2% of purchase price
is donated to
breast cancer research
Product Features and Functionality
Strapless Handle
Telescoping Poles
Premium Lock
Traction Tips
Carbide Metal Tip
Training DVD & Pamphlet
Snow & Trekking Baskets
Premium Button Lock
Bell Tips
Training Pamphlet
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One-size-fits-all telescoping poles. Ideal for individuals between 128cm to 188cm (4 ’2″ to 6 ’2″) in height.
All our poles are light weight: 280 grams or 0.6 lbs

We’ve Also Got Some Great Accessories

Replacement Tips Bell-Shaped Tips Carrying Bag
Snow/Trekking Basket Package
urban-pole-cushion-grips urban-pole-bell-tips urban-pole-travel-bag
Overview Flexes on impact for a soft landing For use with the Activators Protect your poles and look great Upgrade your poles – perfect for hiking, snow shoeing & winter walking
Price $17.99 $17.99 $14.99 $15.99
add-to-cart add-to-cart add-to-cart add-to-cart
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