Replacement Boot Tips

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The durable rubber boot tips for our Urban Poling fitness poles (including Series 300, 4Life, Adventure Series and Spirit poles) should be replaced when the tread begins to wear to ensure continued grip and shock-absorption.

Our exclusive boot tips:

  • Flex on contact to absorb shock and vibration when the poles strike the ground
  • Provide excellent traction on hard surfaces such as sidewalks or pavement
  • Help propel you forward, creating a mechanism to walk faster and achieve a better workout
  • Are quickly and easily removed to expose the carbide tip for walking on softer surfaces such as sand, trails and snow

The boot tips should face the opposite direction you are walking.

▼ Specs

Spec Name Spec Value
UPC 894577001061
Colour black
Quantity 1 pair
Fits all Urban Poling fitness Poles  (also fit ACTIVATOR™ Poles)
Weight .53 kg
Material 55 durometer rubber


  • I’ve been meaning to be in touch for some time now to let you know how very impressed I am with your Series 300 poles and, in particular, the boots tips. Back in 2010, I bought the poles and spent the summer learning and practicing the correct technique in preparation for my September hike on the el Camino de Santiago, in Spain. During that hike, I walked over 750 km in 32 days and the poles and boot tips were used essentially the entire time. What was interesting was that people around me were wearing out tips in mere days, while mine held up for the entire time amazingly well, and continue to.

    - Donna, Ontario

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